Objective of unit

Unit tasks

- Identifying the places of training that students should follow in the field training, which includes hospitals or any other institutions that the Committee considers to be related to the pharmaceutical fields in order to achieve the desired objectives of field training.

- Distribution of trainees to the training organizations according to a main schedule issued before the start of training.

- Appoint supervisors who regularly follow the trainees in different training organizations.

- Regularly review the reports submitted by the supervisors of the training, and decide on the issues and problems that the supervisors cannot solve.

- Ensure that the trainee completed the field-training period successfully according to the plan to issue the training certificate.

- Periodic follow-up and coordination with the organizations where the students are trained.

- Follow up the progress of the trainee's work and the extent of his progress during the training period through reports submitted by the direct supervisor.

- Solving the problems resulting from training and giving to the Training Committee so that it can not be solved.

- Establishment of a database for graduates, to be clarified by their places of employment.

- Organizing and sponsoring a day for graduates each year to extend bridges of communication with the graduates of the College.

Strategic goals:

1. Open channels of communication between graduates of the college on the one hand and employment destinations on the other.

2. Preparing a page for the graduates' unit on the website of the Faculty of Pharmacy - Najran University.

3. Establishing databases for graduates and linking them to the college site.

4. Support the dissemination of quality culture and awareness of the importance of evaluating performance at all levels.

6. Develop the skills of graduates of the college through the organization of training programs and suitability to meet the needs of the labor market

7. Effective communication with the recruitment agencies in order to create job opportunities for graduates of the college easily and easily, and gaining the trust of the community in the educational outputs of the academic program of the college.