Unit Objectives


  Unit Objectives  

1.  Establishing administrative unit for managing crises

2.  Disseminate awareness through application of the methods of managing crises and disasters among students, faculty and staff to avoid crises and distasters and limit their negative effects.

3.Secure buildings, college facilities against potential risks encountered.

4.   Secure the students, faculty, and staff in the college.

5. Qualify and train security personnel team in crisis management and safety security measures.

6. Coordination with local official authorities regarding the safety and security (civil defense, ambulances, emergency services, search, and criminal investigations etc.).

7.  Develop emergency plan for crises and disaster managements.

8.Developing a strategy for avoiding crises in the college through providing security and safety requirements as well as training courses and workshops on crisis and disaster management.

9.Qualify leaders and qualified personnel of students and graduates who have the sufficient capacity and skills to face the risks, crises and disasters, controlling and reducing of losses in the event of occurrence.

10. Assist in the rationalization of methods of decision-making before, during and after the occurrence of the crisis and by providing information and guidance to prepare scenarios help decision makers in  effectively facing   the event of crisis or a disaster.