Name : Samer S. M. Aburub






Date of Birth


Place of Birth


Social status





Pharmaceutical Chemistry




Date of Latest degree

M.sc  Analytical chemistry (2010)


Saudi Arabia- Najran

Degrees and Qualifications

2007-2010        Al-albayt University

                            Master in Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry)


2001-2005         Hashemite University

                        BSc in Chemistry

History of academic and employment career

Lecturer                                                     Jan'2011 – Current

Institution: NajranUniversity, Saudi Arabia

Responsibilities and Duties:

-Analytical chemistry laboratory tasks

-Teaching chemistry to university students

- Assisting trainees on practicing chemical technical skills

- Use of instrumentation and analytical equipment

- Topics covered:

·       Basic and advanced analytical chemistry

·       Chemical instrumentation including HPLC, , IC, AAS,

FTIR, UV-Vis, fluorescence

-   Supervisor the development and quality unit- college Pharmacy at Najran University in kingdom of Saudi Arabia. February 2012 – October 2012

-    Supervisor on the website of the college pharmacy  Dec2012- current

    Responsibilities and Duties:

-   Update website

-   Insert all the data on the site

 Analytical laboratory supervisor            Sep' 2006 to June 2007

Institution:  University of Jordan, Jordan

Responsibilities and Duties:

-   Responsible for all aspect of practical work, testing students and lecturing

 Grants, and Prizes


Teaching experience

Lecturer                                    Jan'2011 – Current

Institution: NajranUniversity, Saudi Arabia

Analytical laboratory supervisor            Sep' 2006 to June 2007

Institution:  University of Jordan, Jordan




Conferences and symposia

-   Workshop importance of accreditation for mossat higher education, (Feb 2014).


-  Workshop role of a professor in the application of quality higher education systems, (Feb 2014).


- Workshop in the training program self-study (programmatic): from Najran university, (December 2013).


Participation in project to identify the units of the University academic and research community needs. (March 2013).


-   Post pavilion in health colleges book fair, (December 2012).


-   Attend the scientific day, an activity of Prince Mishaal Chair for Endemic Diseases in Najran area, (November 2012).


-   Pass the training program in the use of technology in teaching: from Najran university, (April 2012).


- "Preparation for KPIs, Communication, Implementation and development plans": At Najran university in collaboration with Brunel University, (February 2012).


- Examination systems and students evolution: from Najran university, (December 2011).


Publication and fields of  Researches of Interest

-          Adsorption of food coloring allura red dye (E129) from aqueous solutions using activated carbon

Saad A. Alkahtani, Samer S. Abu-Alrub and Ashraf M. Mahmoud

International Journal of Food and Allied Sciences(2017)


-   Adsorption of the Sudan dye (III) in methanol using activated carbon

Samer S. Abu-Alrub, Mohammad W. Amer and Saad A. Alkahtani

Journal of Advances in Chemistry (2014).


-   Analyzing Adsorption Data of Erythrosine Dye Using Principal Component Analysis

Yahya S. Al-Degs, Rajab Abu-El-Halawa, Samer S.Abu-Alrub

Chemical Engineering Journal (2012).


- Solid-phase extraction and determination of erythrosine in water using aluminum oxide column

Yahya S. Al-Degs, Rajab Abu-El-Halawa, Samer S.Abu-Alrub

Analytical Chemistry: An Indian Journal (2012).