Name :

Khalid Altigani Awad Alkarem Ahmed




Have finishing a master degree in clinical pharmacy at 12 of November 2007, lecturer at Clinical Pharmacy Discipline. Clinical pharmacy master program include training in a various aspects of clinical pharmacy such as teaching aspects, hospital training "patient medication follow up", full course for one year of therapeutics, 6 years' experience in drug management in MOH including. I possess an excellent skill in the delivery of information and teaching, I'm seeking an opportunity to add value by contributing my experience, skill and knowledge while seeking avenues to grow professionally in teaching through participation in educational institute with a leading role in the production of generations of high mettle in a community service.







Date of Birth

Oct. 16, 1975

Place of Birth


Social status





Clinical Pharmacy



In Sudan: Registered Senior Specialist in Clinical Pharmacy   in Sudan Medical Council

In Saudi Arabia: Lecturer in Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Najran University

Date of Latest degree

12 Nov. 2007


In Saudi Arabia: Faculty of Pharmacy, Najran University, Najran,  Saudi Arabia

P.O. BOX:       1988

Fax No. 00966175428888

Tel No.  00966175428887


In Sudan: Faculty of Graduate College, University of Khartoum, Sudan

University Of Khartoum– Sudan

Collage of pharmacy West "ENT Hospital".

P.O. BOX:       1996

TEL:                +249183780458 & +249183780607

      FAX:                +249183780696

Email Address:     khalidtigwa2010@hotmail.com


Degrees and Qualifications

M.Sc in Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Graduate College, University of Khartoum

B.Sc in Pharmacy with Degree of Honour, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Khartoum, Sudan.

History of academic and employment career

  • Senior Specialist in Clinical Pharmacy.
  • Collaborator Lecturer (The Academy Of Health Science – Ministry of Health).
  • Manager Of Revolving Drug Fund – Gadarif State                                                Aug-2007 - Aug-2013.
  • Senior Hospital Pharmacist – Gadarif Public Hospital.                                   Jan-2003-May-2005
  • Retailer Pharmacist                                                                                          2001 – 2002.
  • Research Committee Member – Ministry of Health – Gadarif State.              
  • Adverse Events Following Immunization Committee Member.                      
  • General Secretary Gadarif Pharmacist Union                                                   Sept-2011 up to Aug-2013.


Personal Skills

   · Good team worker.

   · High interpersonal skills.

   · Excellent self-study.

   · Versatile with software.

   · Excellent in communication.

   · Hard worker (usually work under pressure and in over time).

   · Familiar with preparing and interpreting reports and presentations as well as controlling daily work


Computers Skills:


· Very good in computer software program including:

o Microsoft Office package.


o EndNote.

o Internet.

o Monolix, Population Pharmacokinetics.





· Arabic (Mother tongue).

· English (Fluent).


Teaching experience

Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Najran University Aug-2013 Up to Now


Collaborator Lecturer (The Academy Of Health Science – Ministry of Health). Jul-2007 up to Jun-2013




Research Committee Member – Ministry of Health – Gadarif State.   2009 up to Jul-2013.

  Adverse Events Following Immunization Committee Member.           2009 up to Jun-2013.    

. General Secretary Gadarif Pharmacist Union                                       Sept-2011 up to Aug-2013

Conferences  and symposia

Attended The 25th Scientific Conference of Arab Pharmacists Union      2005.

  • Role of faculty in implementing rules of quality in high education


  • Importance of Academic accreditation OF High Education Institutes


  • Self-Study Report

Dec-22 to 23 -2013

  • Learning Outcomes Measurement

Dec-3 To 4 2013

  • Workshop on Adverse Events Following Immunization                           Jun-2012
  • Leadership & Administration Training Course                                          May-2011
  • Workshop on Research Methods                                                                Dec-2010-Jan-2011
  • Genetic Basis for Variability in Drug Response                                         Dec-2005
  • Workshop on Health Promotion Concept and Principles                           Dec-2004
  • Workshop on The Drug and Therapeutic Committee                                 Sept-2004
  • Workshop on The Promotion of Rational Drug Use                                   Jul-2004