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About the college

  • About the College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy at Najran University was established in 2006 AD to be one of the health colleges in the university. The college awards 193 bachelor's degrees in pharmaceutical sciences. The Pharmaceutical Sciences Program aims to prepare graduates who are distinguished in scientific knowledge and technical competence in the pharmacy profession and are competitive in the labor market. A section for female students has been introduced in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Program in 2022.

  • Scientific departments in the college:

The college consists of five scientific departments, including:

  1. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
  2. Department of Pharmaceutics.
  3. Department of Drugs.
  4. Department of Pharmacology.
  5. Department of Clinical Pharmacy.
  • Research capabilities:

In addition to the equipment contained in the laboratories of the various scientific departments, the College of Pharmacy has a central laboratory equipped with advanced equipment such as LC-MS/MS, UPLC, DSC, and HPLC that provide the latest equipment for faculty members participating in research.

  • Fields of work for college graduates:

Through this program, the college aims to graduate qualified pharmacists to work in the following sectors of pharmacy:

  1. The academic field to work in the field of teaching and research.
  2. Private and government hospital pharmacies.
  3. Information centers for drugs, poisons and forensic medicine.
  1. Pharmaceutical analysis laboratories.
  2. Pharmaceutical factories.
  3. Marketing and scientific advertising offices for pharmaceutical companies.
  4. Pharmaceutical research and development centers.
  5. Medical warehouses in the government and private sectors.
  6. Departments of medical licenses and pharmaceutical care.
  7. Alternative medicine centers.
  8. Food and Drug Administration.