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About the college


                                             About the College
Due to the development of the pharmacy profession and pharmaceutical sciences, the upsurge of phamacists' significant areas of work and the aspiration to prepare a new generation of qualified pharmacists in healthcare in Najran region, the High Royal Order was issued on 10/10/1427 A.H. to establish the NU College of Pharmacy. The addition of the College of Pharmacy to  medical colleges aims to  complement the program of preparing the required team of healthcare professionals and technicians that can provide integrated medical advanced service.

The College of Pharmacy consists of five scientific sections:

1.    Department of Pharmaceutics

2.    Department of Clinical Pharmacy

3.    Department of Pharmacognosy

4.    Department of Pharmacology

5.    Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry


The study programs in the NU College of Pharmacy aimed to prepare distinguished graduates in terms of ethics, scientific knowledge and technical competence in the practice of the pharmacy profession in its different areas as significant members in healthcare team

Being aware, in the college of pharmacy, that knowledge and pharmaceutical care is a developing pattern and as an aspiration to prepare qualified graduates for pharmacy profession with the latest methods worldwide, the college designs advanced study program that provides the students with skills and knowledge needed to practices pharmacy profession. In doing so, the pharmacy graduates have the ability to practice pharmacy profession in a way that the pharmacists can practice healthcare for others, choose the best medicine according to the patient's condition and dispense the drug in a scientific method. Besides, he can guide the patient to the best medication administration in order to get the desired results.

The College approved two programs at the undergraduate level:


1.Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (B. Pharm. Sc.)

This is the current program, which includes study in the college in addition to the practice in the pharmacies hospitals. The students are awarded Bachelor degree after completing the study program. The study in NU College of Pharmacy depends on semester system in which the academic year is divided into semesters in addition to summer semester, which applied according to the regulations of Saudi universities.  The study in the college starts with preparatory year (two) semesters, which is considered transitional preparation stage between high school and university that prepares students to study in the pharmacy college, focusing on improving their level in English since it is the language of instruction at the college.  

2.       Pharmacy Doctor (Pharm. D.)  It is a future program (5-year period) in which College of Pharmacy prepares for it.

Admission in College of Pharmacy

The enrollment of the first batch was in the academic year 1429/1430 A.H. after the issuance of the Royal High order on 10/10/1427 to establish the College of Pharmacy at the University. The number of the students in the first batch was (3) and in the academic year 1433/1343, their number reached 102.   

Faculty Members

After the issuance of the Royal order to establish the college of pharmacy on10/10/1427 A. H., the college administration started to attract highly qualified faculty to cover the teaching load for students admitted and to participate in some of the other activities that will raise effectiveness of educational process.

Areas of work for college graduates

The College of Pharmacy aims, through this program, to graduate qualified pharmacists who have the ability to work in various pharmacy sectors:

1.       Pharmacies

2.       pharmacological and toxicological information centers

3.       Pharmaceutical analysis laboratories, food analysis lab, Detection and treatment of toxins lab and phatmaceutocal Quality Control labs

4.       Pharmaceutical Industry