Procedural Tasks - College of Pharmacy

Procedural Tasks

Procedural tasks for academic Advisor

1.       To create an academic advising file for the student

Each advisor should write up a file for the students including the student's name, his division and academic number and provide the academic advisor of the college with the required documents constantly. The most important contents of the file are:

·         Copy of the student's personal data

·         A copy of the students' timetable  of the academic semester

·         A record of the student academic follow up

·         A copy of the cumulative record of the student

·         Copy of the deletion and addition of courses

·         A copy of any decision taken against the student

2.       Preparing statistics of the  needs of the student for courses

·         The advisor should get the date of primary registration of the students from  registration department

·         Preparing  a statistical model for the students' needs of the courses

·         Meet his students and determine together their needs of courses according to study plan.

·         Fill in the Student need form and send it to registration office

3.       Supervision of addition and deletion of courses

·         The advisor discusses the reasons of courses deletion

·         Guide the student make up for deleted courses by adding a another course.

·         Hands the cards of addition and deletion of courses to the students

·         Ensure regular number of student hours after the deletion and addition of courses.

·         Make sure that the students meet the data required for addition deletion card.

·         Approve the filled card and send it to registration office

·         Get a copy of the deletion and addition card.

4.       Advise and guide the student defaulters

·         The guide puts a mechanism for contacting the students when needed.

·         Hand students the notification of absence or underachievement in coordination with the registration desk.

·         Make a list of student defaulters

·          Arrange meetings with  the defaulter students

·          Convince the students of the impact of underachievement on their future,

·          Participate in developing a plan to address their underachievement in coordination with the college administration.

5.        Contact and coordination with the social, psychological or medical Specialist:

·         Academic advisor should know that the academic guidance is an important part of the student counseling.

·         Keep in in mind that guiding and advising the student guidance is collective responsibility.

·         Engages in the college administration and specialists in college in guidance works, which need treatment programs.

·         Refer cases to social worker, psychologists or physicians confidentially when necessary.

6.       Create a  file for academic advisor that contains the following:

·         Name of the advisor , logo of the group and number of students

·         Information on guidance.

·         Names of the students, their groups and academic numbers.

·         List of the student presence and absence.

·          Time plan for guidance program.

·         Group meetings.

·         Personal interviews.