Academic Advisor Tasks


                                  General Tasks of Acadmeic Advisor 

There are many tasks that academic advisor has to carry out:

1. To Get a list of students from the registration department.
2. To meet his students, introducing himself to them and vice versa in order to build a good relationship with them. 
3. To inform the students of   the nature of his work, which is to provide help and assistance to them.
4. To show them the advantages of academic advising.
5. To hand them publications and leaflets on academic advising.

6. To ask them for their registration numbers.
7. To stress the importance of attendance and discipline during their studies.
8. To show them his or her plan that works with them.
9. To inform them of his advising hours, stressing the   the importance of their communication with him.
10. To answer their questions and welcome their visits
11. To introduce students to study system (courses / accredited hours).
12.  To show them the importance of building sound relation with all faculty members.

13. To remove the fair that may be felt by the student at the beginning of the dealing with faculty members.
14. To assist students in understanding the nature of the study and making use of advisor's opinion in choosing his major that will help student in the labor market.
15. To assist the students in solving problems, which reduces the incidence of failure and increase the students' sense of belonging to their educational institution.
16. To recognize the academic year calendar and presented it to the students, especially the date of registration, deletion and addition of courses etc.
17. To encourage students to participate in student activities.

18. To plan the academic timetable of the student.
19. To observe and follow up the academic progress of the student.