Unit Mechanism


Work Mechanism of  Academic Advising Unit 

1. Introducing  freshmen and transfered studnets in the beginning of each (academic year and / or semester ) to the academic advisor of  college of pharmacy.
2.In the first week of each academic year / semester, freshmen will have indcution program in whcih they receive necessary information on undergraduate stage and  study system in addition introducing them to their advisors  and his duties towards them and their duty towards him.
3. Inroducing new faculty members contract holders to  study system  either in courses ot credited hours.
4. Alerting  faculty to the imortance of  activating the office hours for the t sake of the students interest in addition alert studnets ti  refer to  academic counselor in case of  academic difficulties.

5. To identify through meetings the progress of students attempts to  help them  solve the problems that they may face 

6. To identify of gifted and talented students and motivate them.
7. To identify defaulters and students of social, health and psychological problems to guide them to solve their problems.
8. Prepare records and papers for the work of the academic advisor of different levels of
9. To hold regular meetings with academic advisors
10. To follow-up records of students with the academic advisor for various levels to ensure the implementation of academic advising activities and registering students' data.
11. To design questionnaires and research on academic guidance and dissemination of results for use in improving the academic advising in the colleges.