College Program

 The College approved two programs at the undergraduate level: 

1.Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (B. Pharm. Sc.)

This is the current program, which includes study in the college in addition to the practice in the pharmacies hospitals. The students are awarded Bachelor degree after completing the study program. The study in NU College of Pharmacy depends on semester system in which the academic year is divided into semesters in addition to summer semester, which applied according to the regulations of Saudi universities.  The study in the college starts with preparatory year (two) semesters, which is considered transitional preparation stage between high school and university that prepares students to study in the pharmacy college, focusing on improving their level in English since it is the language of instruction at the college.  

2. Pharmacy Doctor (Pharm. D.)  It is a future program (5-year period) in which College of Pharmacy prepares for it.