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College of Pharmacy organizes lecture on 'Security Awareness'


          Najran University, represented by the College of Pharmacy, organized an awareness program, in collaboration with the Najran police Department on Tuesday, 17/01/1438 A.H., which highlighted some aspects of the security.

      The program included an opening speech for the Dean of the College of Pharmacy Dr. Saad bin Ahmed Al-Qahtani. He demonstrated that the organization of such programs stems from the role of government entities in educating various segments of the society, especially young college students about the importance of making efforts to raise the level of awareness and responsibility toward our religion, homeland and nation. Such issue means that a citizen , without exception, is the first man of security and the he has responsibility to cooperate with the authorities to address each destructive ideas. He pointed out in his speech that we are being targeted in our faith and nation and so there should be collaboration of citizenz' effors to defend the country and not to leave the area for malevolent and aspirants to tamper with the minds of our children and our young people to be a tool of destruction for our blessed nation.

       Then HE Col. Abdullah Zafer AL-Shehri Director of Administrative Police management in Najran spoke about extremism and terrorism, its causes and how to avoid falling into the trap of the owners of deviant thought and the efforts made by the government of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to fight terrorism and extremism. He showed ways of preventing drifting behind such destructive ideas that do not leave behind, but disintegration of the unity of the homeland and its citizens and mass destruction for all the nation's resources and distort the image of Islam in the eyes of the  world.

     HE Captain Mubarak AL-Wadeai, General Department of Traffic delivered  a lecture on the importance of road safety and regulations that govern the road. He showed the importance of adherence to traffic safety factors to avoid many of the losses in lives and property. He gave a detailed explanation of the most common mistakes committed by drivers while driving supporting his speech by statistics recorded during the past years.  The government is trying to establsih control and organize awareness campaigns to reduce the damage caused by recklessness and disregard of traffic rules.

      At the end of the meeting, the students were given opportunity to ask questions and queries, which were answered by the lecturers. The Dean concluded the meeting with words of gratitude to the Ministry of Interior represented by Najran police for their efforts. Then, he prayed Allah to sustain this nation's security and stability and to protect the leaders of country and help us avoid temptations both obvious and hidden.