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NU College of Pharmacy participation in the Saudi Pharmacist Day


           The New Najran Hospital organized the event of Saudi Pharmacist, under the theme' Let's try; it is easy!' on Thursday,28,12,1437 attended by the Dean of the College of Pharmacy Dr. Saad Al-Qahnai and Director of pharmaceutical care in Najran Pharmacist Intern Nasser Mohammed Al-Shareef.  The event was opened by the manager of the hospital Dr. Manea Saleh Al Bahri.  He welcomed all the guests and visitors of the exhibition, which was held for introduction of pharmacist career, the importance of the role of the pharmacist, effects of pharmaceutical care on the health system and showing the importance of medication culture of the community in addition to medicinal consulting and role of pharmacist in in avoiding medication errors.

               The Director of Pharmaceutical care in the New Najran Hospital said that the event was inspired by the theme 'Let' try; it is easy!' for the purpose of creating awareness of the risks of trying medicines without medical indications. Besides, the event aims to warn of medical and cosmetic products that were advertised in media and social websites which pretend of possessing miracle cure for modern maladies such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc.  Such issues lead to medication errors in addition to its high expenses.  In such situations, the role of the pharmacists is to create an awareness of the risks of administering medical products, which are unreliable and unapproved.

                    The Dean of the college of Pharmacy said that the presence of Najran University in the event by a special pavilion is a part of university presidency directives of the importance of participating in the community activities and events. He demonstrated that the college is keen to establish cooperation with health sector in Najran to train the graduates and facilitate the difficulties they face to elevate their qualification for practicing the career. He showed the necessity of reinforcing cooperation between general Directorate of Health Affairs in Najran, activating the programs of serving the community in the health sector and making a good use of the potentials of the two parties to raise the level of health the service and health awareness in the community.